DoubleDownVGC is your one-stop shop for VGC Tournaments! Compete for glory and a chance to win the DoubleDownVGC Invitational! This series is all double elimination tournaments held on Saturdays at 7cst. All tournaments will be held on cart using Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

In order to participate, you will need a DoubleDownVGC S1 pass. This pass will make you eligible to participate in all tournaments leading up to the invitational. The payment will be $5 and the money will go towards the invitational prizing.

Battle Format:
  • This tournament will be played using either Pokémon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch (Players must make sure to have a Nintendo Online subscription before the tournament starts), or Pokemon Showdown using the VGC2022 ruleset.
  • Games will be played as double battles in which players have a team of 6 Pokémon and use 4 of them in each game.
  • Games will be played using the SERIES 12 RULESET.
  • Players must use the exact same team for the entire tournament. Changing even a single move or item during the tournament is strictly prohibited, as is training your Pokémon to have different stats or using an Ability Capsule or other stat modifying items.
  • Players may not use any two Pokémon of the same species.
  • Players may not use any two Pokémon holding the same item.
  • Players will use the Limitless tournament page.
Tournament Structure:
  • This tournament will use Double Elimination, meaning in which a participant ceases to be eligible to win the tournament’s championship upon having lost two games or matches.
  • Tournament proceedings will be held on the USPA Discord server.

The point structure is as follows:

1st:  6 points

2nd: 5 points

3rd: 4 points

4th: 3 points

5th-8th: 2 points

9th-16th: 1 point

Every tournament will be seeded by the total number of points earned for each player. If a player has earned 11 points total (1st in one event, and 2nd in another), then they would be seeded higher than someone who has earned 8 points (3rd twice). Anyone with the same amount of points will be seeded randomly within that point value.

  • In the event of disconnects, players must flag a match dispute which will call a TO to assist players.
  • Players will submit a team sheet thru the Limitless Platform for the event prior to check-in closing, however, the last submission they used before the deadline will be the team sheet that they locked in with
  • Players can report their own scores.
  • The players with the most points (top 8) will be invited to the DoubleDownVGC Invitational, held on June 11th (DATE TBD)
  • The entree Fee from the DoubleDownVGC s1 pass will go to the prize pool of the invitational.
  • The payout % is as follows:
    • Prizing 1st: 32%
    • 2nd: 22%
    • 3rd: 12%
    • 4th: 6%
    • 5th-8th: 2%
How to join:
  • Join the USPA Discord
  • Fill out the google form
    • The form will ask if you have joined the discord and for you to send a screenshot of your receipt
  • From there, you need to go into #dd-verifacation saying that you have paid for the pass
  • Any questions can be asked in the #dd-questions discord channel!